FS10N GL Account Balance Display Right From Excel

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FS10N G/L Account Balance Display is a video which explains how an end user can download structure field values right from Excel. The FS10N Transaction Code has an ALV Grid showing balance and summary records for G/L accounts in various periods. SAP does not provide ABAP or any other automation mechanism to interact with ALV Grids. The GUI Scripting technology provided by Innowera’s Process Runner allows users to interact directly with ALV Grids and other complex SAP screen elements from Excel. Upon executing this script, G/L Accounts along with other input parameters in the FS10N transaction are sent to SAP, and data is then downloaded to Excel from the FS10N ALV Grid.

With the GUI Scripting technology and Innowera’s Process Runner Excel Add-in, Excel becomes the interface to ALV Grids in SAP for the end users, showing how an end user can download G/L Account Balance information right from Excel.