Process Runner – FS00 Extract and Upload GL Account Data to SAP

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FS00 Extract and Upload GL Account Data to SAP is a quick video demonstrating Process Runner Excel Add-in in action, highlighting the extraction of data from SAP to an Excel Spreadsheet, by running the transaction FS00, utilizing a Process Runner Process File embedded in an Excel Spreadsheet. Once the data is downloaded, the End User modifies the data in Excel, and then resubmits it to SAP, this time using a second Process File for the transaction code FS00, embedded in the same Excel Spreadsheet. The End User is capable of downloading and uploading data to SAP, with simple clicks of a “Run” button, without ever leaving Excel, and without being required to navigate SAP screens.

Also Process Runner Excel Add-in SAP hyperlink capability is demonstrated, showing how the End User, if he or she desires, can click on a hyperlink in the Process Runner Excel Add-in menu and from there easily view and verify the updated data, which was just submitted.