FI02 Change Bank in SAP, Download And Upload Right From Excel

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FI02 Change Bank in SAP, Download and Upload Right From Excel is a video which explains how an end user can run the SAP Transaction Code or T-Code FI02 Change Bank from the Financial Accounting or FI module of SAP. The end user is able to download bank information, right from Excel by simply clicking a run button, which executes a BNKA data extraction script, downloading data from the BNKA table in SAP right to Excel. Once the data is written to the Excel spreadsheet, the end user then makes changes in the data, presses the run button a second time, and executes a FI02 transaction automation script, which sends the data right from Excel to SAP.

With Innowera’s Process Runner Excel Add-in, Excel becomes the interface to SAP for the end user, showing how an end user can download, modify, and upload bank information right from Excel.