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Innowera Enterprise Share (EShare) is a sharing and collaboration application, an optional component part of Innowera’s Enterprise Application for SAP Data Management. EShare is natively integrated within Process Runner so a user can connect to the EShare application server from their desktop with a single click.

Instead of placing process files (scripts) on unmanaged and decentralized local computers or network share drives, EShare provides the ability to store them on a managed and easy-to-access central location. Some of the key features and benefits of EShare are further described below.

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EShare is part of Innowera Enterprise Apps for the Agile Enterprise

Integrated Central File Store
Integrated Central
File Store

Allows Process Runner users to centrally store, share, and collaborate their scripts (process files) – directly from Process Runner. Centralized and always-connected EShare storage enables easy distribution of the scripts to ensure that the correct process file is always used and eliminates limitations of e-mail and network-based distribution methods.

The unique EShare mechanism allows centralized scripts to be accessed and used concurrently by more than one user. Additionally, a central database storage that holds all the process files allows it to be a part of your standard enterprise backup and DR plan.

Control What  You Share
Control What
You Share

Process Designers have control over what is available to other users. They can also set access modes for processes published to EShare i.e. Read Only, Private, Shared, etc. Furthermore, each process can be password protected against various functions and can be locked down at sub-section levels allowing precise and granular control on process deployment.

With EShare you also have an option to enforce a policy so that scripts (process files) can only be stored and managed in EShare. Setting EShare as the only allowed storage destination would ensure that scripts are not floating around your organization and unauthorized or uncontrolled copies of the scripts do not become an issue.

Dynamic Search
Dynamic Search

Dynamic filtering enables quick search through all available processes that are stored on the EShare server by administrators, designers, and other users. Various search, filter, and grouping criteria allow quickly narrowing down and finding the correct process. This could prevent re-inventing the wheel and allows one to adapt from existing templates for greater efficiency.

Hot look up exposes vital information about a script without opening the script file simply by hovering your mouse over a file. Various tabs allow grouping individual user’s file from others while collective view of all the files makes it easy to see the bigger picture. EShare also offers five extensible and customizable fields to categorize scripts by departments, modules, projects or other important criteria so you can use them to filter, sort or group process files.

Deployment Timings

Deploy EShare at the start of your Process Runner initiatives, at a later stage when you are ready for it, or when you reach the limitation of traditional network and e-mail share capabilities. Select your timing to minimize the risk and resource impact.

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