Innowera Email Runner - Run SAP from an Email

Run SAP From EmailIn today's world email is widely used, it's reliable and accessible from almost anywhere so why not use emails to execute various tasks into your SAP system? Imagine being able to approve SAP workflow tasks, requesting material stock or vendor open balances or even updating your time in SAP. Innowera Email Runner allows you to do all of this and a lot more simply by sending an email.

Innowera Email Runner:

  • Provides users the power of Process Runner so you can perform thousands of SAP processes (such as workflow tasks, data inquiries, updates or even entries) by simply sending an email.
  • Does not require any changes to your SAP system or any installation and configuration for your SAP backend.
  • Automatically complies with your existing SAP security.
  • Allows you to use various SAP systems with unprecedented simplicity and without doing any development. Design your processes and then use them with Email Runner to start managing your SAP from your email instantly.

Online connection to SAP is not needed! Simply answer an email and Innowera Email Runner will read it and process it for you in SAP.

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  • Approve SAP Process From Email

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  • Get customer Sales order data from email

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SAP Process Engine

With the SAP Process Engine you can create, change and extract data with simple commands all by email. Imagine getting sales information by simply sending an email with a customer number, or release a purchase requisition by replying to an email. This is all possible with Email Runner's SAP Process Engine.

SAP Work Flow Engine

Email Runner's SAP Work Flow Engine allows organizations to approve or reject their SAP workflows directly from an email notification. No more having to connect back to your company's intranet to approve. Simply respond to the notification email approve or reject and the Email Runner will take care of the rest.

SharePoint Work Flow Engine

When using Innowera's Email Runner you can approve or reject your SharePoint workflows with ease by simply responding to the email notification. The email has all the necessary information for Email Runner to send it back to SharePoint and continue the work flow process.

Easy Workflow Engine

Not at a desk with computer access? No problem, Approve or Reject your Easy Workflow items via email from your cell phone or tablet. Approve/Reject the workflow step by simply replying to the Easy Workflow notification emails with an action phrase in its body. Easy Workflow Engine processes the emails and approves or rejects the workflow step based on the keyword.

Custom Engine

Start/initiate workflows defined in Innowera Easy Workflow Cockpit with Custom Engine of Innowera Email Runner. Add your custom VB.NET code to decide the actions to be performed for starting the workflow. On execution of custom code the user receives email notification on assignment of workflow step.

How it works

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  1. User sends email from a mobile device to Email Runner with relevant data in XML format or replies to email notifications with keywords for Approve/Reject.

  2. Innowera Email Runner fetches the emails from specified email account and data is sent to the associated process engine for processing.

  3. The response/outcome is sent to user by Email Runner.

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