Product Brochures

Innowera’s product portfolio serves your SAP data management challenges by offering tools that enhance your productivity and maximize investment in SAP. Get to know a bit more of our products right here.

  • Process Runner
  • Want to manage your SAP data with ease?

    Innowera Process Runner is an all-in-one tool for your SAP data needs. It allows you to upload and download data between SAP and Excel – without writing a single line of code. It also offers deeper automation capabilities for all SAP modules including FI/CO, SD, HR/HCM, MM, PP, SM, QM, PS, etc. Process Runner also works with the newest dimension systems such as ECC, CRM, SCM, APO, SAP business suite on HANA, and more. Learn more about Process Runner and its features in this datasheet.

  • Process Runner (Finance)
  • Want to work in SAP FI/CO directly from Excel?

    Innowera Process Runner offers broad coverage for the SAP financial module and giving you an automation and productivity tool for transactional data creation, maintenance, analysis, and monitoring. It enables automation for SAP transaction, BAPI, GUI Scripting and Data Extraction tasks from one seamless application. Learn how Process Runner can help you manage your SAP financial transactions and processes more efficiently and with higher quality and control. Know more.

  • Enterprise Apps Data Sheet
  • Hesitant to give an SAP mass data management tool to your users?

    Innowera Control Panel enables responsible and controlled deployment. It puts powerful controls in your hand, so you can manage how Process Runner is being used (or not used) within your enterprise. The web-based centralized interface enables real-time control and monitoring, so you can instantly define and implement mass processing usage policies across users, systems, schedules and processes – all without changing SAP security or impacting anything else. Find out more.

  • Process Runner (HCM/HR)
  • Want to work in SAP HCM directly from Excel?

    Process Runner is a smart solution to your SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) needs. Process Runner allows you to use hundreds of SAP transaction codes and supports all types of HCM transactions. With Process Runner, you can update your master HR records with automation. Learn how Process Runner can aid your SAP HR needs, here.

  • Process Runner (Manufacturing)
  • Does your SAP manufacturing need automation?

    Process Runner is a powerful SAP integration tool, that helps companies streamline data and transactional processing. With ever increasing competition, companies need agility to react to changes in business, and supportive technology to help alleviate the pressure to maintain the bottom line growth is the perfect tool for updating your manufacturing master and operational data via automation. Using Process Runner reduces manual processing time, to free up those vital resources that could be used for more strategic initiatives. Learn more.

  • Process Runner (SD)
  • Work in SAP SD from Excel and improve revenue operations.

    Process Runner offers one of the best solutions for your SAP SD automation needs. It also allows you to use hundreds of SAP transaction codes such as VB21, VA22, VB11, VC01, VC02, VK11, VK12, VK14 and many others. You may also choose to use Business APIs that SAP already delivered in your system. Additionally, you can extract SD tables and views using Process Runner Data Extractor technology. Process Runner has a lot to offer. Know more here.

  • Process Runner DB
  • Connect SAP to your database. Simplify upload and download of data.

    Process Runner DB is a database-oriented mass processing tool developed from the same technology as our Excel-based Process Runner. With Process Runner DB, you can upload and download data between connected database tables of some of the most popular database systems today and your SAP systems. Learn more about Process Runner DB.

  • Innowera Easy Workflow
  • Want a workflow automation software that uses server-based Excel?

    Innowera Easy Workflow provides a complete workflow system that works from within Microsoft Excel. With everything in Excel, Innowera Easy Workflow is the smartest and most flexible workflow system for SAP that is designed for a fast and easy user experience. This datasheet contains all the details you need. Find out more.

  • Process Runner CMD Tool
  • Ever thought of running SAP from Command Line?

    Process Runner CMD tool allows you to run SAP processes (i.e. SAP Transactions, Business APIs, Data Extraction requests from various SAP tables and views) from a command prompt or VB/JavaScript. Process Runner CMD tool is built with Innowera Software Development Kit (SDK) and does not need the full version of Process Runner or Excel installed on the computer where you want to use it. It is ideal for running on a server or calling from a third-party application to execute various tasks in SAP. Read more.

  • Innowera Web and Mobile Server
  • Want to make mobile SAP super simple?

    Innowera brings a new refreshingly smart technology that allows you to use SAP with the most popular mobile devices without needing additional infrastructure or writing extensive code. If you’re not ready to transition to the cloud, it can work within your existing infrastructure as well. Learn more.