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Change Document (CV02N) – Download Originals’ Link Descriptions and Change in SAP Right From Excel is a video which demonstrates how an end user can download information on SAP Documents to Excel, by simply pushing a button in Excel. Once the data populates the Excel spreadsheet, the end user is then able to make changes in Excel to the descriptions of the documents’ Originals’ links in SAP and then push a second button to upload those changes to SAP. The first button is linked to a BAPI automation script, BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2, and the second is also linked to a BAPI automation script, BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE2, which functions like a CV02N transaction automation script. Both scripts were created with Innowera’s Process Runner, and then embedded in the Excel spreadsheet, so an end user, with a Process Runner Excel Add-in license is able to execute both scripts right from Excel, without even having Process Runner installed on their computer. Excel is the interface to SAP for the end user.