Process Runner is simply ahead of the game.


Unicode has become the established standard of inter-application communication, an industry standard for global data exchange. Data passed in interfaces between applications needs to be interpreted correctly in the target application, especially if there are interfaces between SAP system and many of non-SAP systems that build the heterogeneous enterprise landscape.

The Unicode is an agreed standard based representation of characters so that interfacing between different applications becomes universal and application support is extended for double byte and non-western character sets. Many of the older SAP systems are non-Unicode and an upgrade to newer SAP system brings desired or forced migration to Unicode.


One of the challenges of non-Unicode to Unicode migration of an SAP system is data quality check and validation during and after upgrade, especially where MDMP code pages have been used to support multiple languages in the source system.


Process Runner can be used to quickly extract data from any standard or custom SAP table or view, and automatically export to Text, Excel, Access or various popular database formats. For example, Process Runner can enable extracting and comparing the data between SAP 4.6c and ECC 6.0 system during the Unicode Conversion project. Process Runner offers a unique feature to set and select desired SAP communication code page during extraction process, ensuring extracted data is represented as intended.

Process Runner Implementation

A leading Pharmaceutical company utilized Process Runner efficiently in their recent Unicode conversion project, using Process Runner to complete over 600 data downloads and 10M records from over 400 tables, across 6 languages.

Spot Checks

“Most companies do ‘spot checks’ to compare their data conversion, but in our industry, we have many more validation requirements, and with a need for over 99.5% documented accuracy, Process Runner has proven an excellent tool to make our Unicode conversion a success” said Trevor Busby, Senior SAP consultant and core project member for the conversion project.

Before finding Process Runner, the Company’s process included running hundreds of queries in background, setting up at least 6 workstations in local languages, using ftp to transfer files, and then formatting the files in tab or comma delimited format. Process Runner replaced this lengthy process by allowing quick and automated downloads of SAP table data directly into the desired format in various languages and code pages by using only one instance of Process Runner. Additionally, Process Runner enabled them to perform these tasks in a tight time window that is usually characteristics of such a conversion program, as business cannot afford much downtime of their production system.

SAP Data Extraction is only one of many things Process Runner does so well.

Overall client verdict was that “Process Runner is simply ahead of the game.”

About Process Runner – Data Extractor

Process Runner Data Extractor module offers extremely easy to use, graphical drag and drop interface to download data from thousands of SAP tables and views to Microsoft Excel, Text or MS-Access or other popular databases.

Data Extractor provides powerful filtering criteria that can use direct value inputs as well as Excel data as a filter. Built in scheduler can be used to schedule a periodic data extracts without user intervention. Data Extraction technology also deals with usual SAP time-outs faced by larger data extract.

Data Extractor is also seen as an alternative to SE16, SE16N, SE17 or custom table browser Tcodes that is usually granted to end users.

Data Extractor works out of the box and does not need anything to be installed in your SAP system. It complies with existing SAP security and usually no additional steps are necessary. Access to SE16/17 is not required but table level security is complied with automatically. One can download and start extracting the data in less than an hour.

Other modules of Process Runner extend capability to download data from SAP query, Quick Views, logical database, reports or spool. The end result is incredibly easy but controlled access to information that is required to run day to day business in SAP.

About Process Runner

Innowera’s Process Runner – Designed for business user, dramatically reduces on-going costs and optimizes efficiencies by automating day-to-day data maintenance and migration operations between your SAP and Microsoft Excel, Access, SharePoint, various popular Databases and other systems.

Process Runner offers easy to use capability to upload data to SAP Transactions or Business APIs or download data from SAP tables and views as well from thousands of business objects. With proven technology, built-in best practices and expert support services, Process Runner provides a best-in-class SAP data management system for business as well as more technical users. Process Runner provides easy to use and deploy SAP data management system. It is capable of driving deep SAP automation and usually provides ROI in a few weeks to few months. Free evaluation copy of Process Runner can be downloaded from Innowera’s website.

About Innowera

Innowera makes SAP easier for users on all levels of business by simplifying complex problems and driving efficiencies via automation. Innowera’s Process Runner dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) of SAP systems. Some of Innowera‘s current clients includes Sony, Shell, Heineken, EDS, ABB, KPMG, Swarovski, Boston Scientific, Liverpool, Toyota Financials, etc.

Innowera is based in Las Colinas near Dallas, Texas, USA and maintains presence via re-seller and distribution channels in France, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, India, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Italy and other parts of the world. For more information, to download a white paper or to schedule a product demo, visit www.innowera.com or call toll free 1-877-SAP-4-ALL.

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