The main improvement is in flexibility. Without deep technical knowledge and programming skills, it is possible to create a massive load of data in less than five minutes. Unthinkable before Process Runner. We are extremely pleased with level of accuracy, speed of data transfer and the robustness of Process Runner and will be offering this solution to other SAP customers.


tgestiona, part of the Telefónica Group, is a leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The company was created to offer complete administration and operation solutions for all organizations, focusing efforts and resources in core business activities.

tgestiona offers a wide range of support services including finance, administration, logistics, foreign trade, real estate management, general services, security, human resources and BPO consulting.

tgestiona has a strong international presence with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Perú, and Spain.


  • tgestiona needed to increase efficiency and reduce manual effort in SAP systems for services offered to the different companies of the group in Argentina.
  • tgestiona had a goal to improve load times with flexibility and traceability in migrations related to SAP upgrades.
  • tgestiona needed to eliminate manual invoice activities and automate financial tasks.


tgestiona chosen Process Runner from Innowera to improve data upload processes to SAP systems, not only for Financial Accounting, but also for Logistics, Sales, and Human Resources.

Process Runner proved to be very powerful tool for tgestiona: ”We were able to turn every transaction into a very simple task. In no more than 5 minutes it was possible to automate a massive data upload without having a technical background. We took full advantage of Process Runner native integration to Microsoft Excel. When needed, we also received excellent customer support from Innowera.”


  • Process Runner is a data management tool used in the Telefónica migration to the current version of HCM. Prior to Process Runner, migrations were done using LSMW and batch input, depending on complexity. Process Runner allowed them to complete the migration on time and with fewer resources.
  • Invoice entry automation: vendor invoices are digitized and transformed into text using OCR and then loaded into Accounts Payable using Process Runner. Formerly the process was completely manual and the key to this change was Process Runner enabling business users to do their own mapping/loading of data. The ability to do this without requiring technical assistance allowed the full process to be automated.
  • Automation of daily financial tasks like revenue/ spending reclassification, adjustments in vendor payment provisions, and GL postings. Those activities were previously performed by a combination of manual tasks, LSMW and batch input.

In general, Process Runner is used to automate data maintenance and migration tasks that were previously performed manually or using LSMW or batch input. On average tgestiona have achieved 25% improvement in efficiency with the elimination of manual activities, data entry errors, and rework; moreover, it provided more flexibility and traceability. The main improvement is in flexibility: “without deep technical skills, it is now possible to create a massive load of data in less than five minutes.” This was “unthinkable” before Process Runner. tgestiona acquired Process Runner licenses in December 2010 – above results were achieved in the first three months of use.

About Process Runner

Innowera’s Process Runner – Designed for business user, dramatically reduces on-going costs and optimizes efficiencies by automating day-to-day data maintenance and migration operations between your SAP and Microsoft Excel, Access, SharePoint, various popular Databases and other systems.

Process Runner offers easy to use capability to upload data to SAP Transactions or Business APIs or download data from SAP tables and views as well from thousands of business objects. With proven technology, built-in best practices and expert support services, Process Runner provides a best-in-class SAP data management system for business as well as more technical users. Process Runner provides easy to use and deploy SAP data management system. It is capable of driving deep SAP automation and usually provides ROI in a few weeks to few months. Free evaluation copy of Process Runner can be downloaded from Innowera’s website.

About Innowera

Innowera makes SAP easier for users on all levels of business by simplifying complex problems and driving efficiencies via automation. Innowera’s Process Runner dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) of SAP systems. Some of Innowera‘s current clients includes Sony, Shell, Heineken, EDS, ABB, KPMG, Swarovski, Boston Scientific, Liverpool, Toyota Financials, etc.

Innowera is based in Las Colinas near Dallas, Texas, USA and maintains presence via re-seller and distribution channels in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. For more information, to download a white paper, or to schedule a product demo, visit or call toll free 1-877-SAP-4-ALL in USA or any of the numbers below.

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