We are extremely pleased with level of accuracy, speed of data transfer and the robustness of Process Runner and will be offering this solution to other SAP customers.


SAP® Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO) is a key component of SAP Supply Chain Management solution that is part of SAP Business Suite. It provides the basis for an end-to-end supply chain management solution, seamlessly linking all key processes-from order generation to production planning to transportation. SAP APO offers functionality for:

  • Demand planning
  • Supply network planning
  • Production planning
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Available to promise

Client Situation

Axia Value Chain, a leading business transformation consulting firm focused on value chain management, has been implementing collaborative processes through SAP® software for Samarco, a large iron-ore corporation with global offices and operations.

Within the client environment, Axia Value Chain came up with a situation, where the supply chain uses timedependent Bill of Materials (BOM), which are updated every month during the S&OP process.

Each BOM has over 24 rows of data to be maintained every month, the transactions required to maintain the data is painstaking. The client had implemented a complex SAP APO Optimizer model, but could not use it operationally

Axia Value Chain was searching for Excel-to-SAP transformation in order to run Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) using looping, and data mapping. In their search, the company consultants came upon Innowera’s Process Runner that fit the bill perfectly.

Process Runner Implementation

Axia Value Chain consulting team took very little time in testing and implementing the Process Runner’s Business API (BAPI) functionality within their client’s SAP® environment, and even wrote a simple VB Macros to transform the input Excel Sheet into the four different mappings: Bills of Materials (BoM), Routings, Resource and Downtimes of resource. Resulting in automation process that updated all data points in about an hour. The same process required a whole day of manual input by an analyst. Axia Value Chain realized a tremendous gain on data quality, the possibility of running several S&OP scenarios in a single day and reduction of manual data input; mitigating human errors in the update process.

Every month, Process Runner enables the scenario to run the data transformation in Samarco’s APO environment, where Process Runner typically executes 7400 BoM data rows where each BAPI call consisting of about 50 rows. Earlier, the complexity of the data, update exceptions and bugs were making it difficult for the ABAP updates, but Process Runner made this task seamless.

Axia Value Chain team commented, “SAP APO typically has only 30% of Master Data imported from ECC and about 70% data requires manual inputs. We are extremely pleased with level of accuracy, speed of data transfer and the robustness of Process Runner and will be offering this solution to other SAP customers.”

About Axia Value Chain

Axia Value Chain is a consulting company dedicated to business transformation based on value chain concepts, while developing projects that guarantee sustainable growth and competitiveness to customers. The company brings professionals with vast experience in global projects in addition to in-depth technical/conceptual knowledge regarding Value Chain Management.

About Process Runner

Innowera’s Process Runner – Designed for business user, dramatically reduces on-going costs and optimizes efficiencies by automating day-to-day data maintenance and migration operations between your SAP and Microsoft Excel, Access, SharePoint, various popular Databases and other systems.

Process Runner offers easy to use capability to upload data to SAP Transactions or Business APIs or download data from SAP tables and views as well from thousands of business objects. With proven technology, built-in best practices and expert support services, Process Runner provides a best-in-class SAP data management system for business as well as more technical users. Process Runner provides easy to use and deploy SAP data management system. It is capable of driving deep SAP automation and usually provides ROI in a few weeks to few months. Free evaluation copy of Process Runner can be downloaded from Innowera’s website.

About Innowera

Innowera makes SAP easier for users on all levels of business by simplifying complex problems and driving efficiencies via automation. Innowera’s Process Runner dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) of SAP systems. Some of Innowera‘s current clients includes Sony, Shell, Heineken, EDS, ABB, KPMG, Swarovski, Boston Scientific, Liverpool, Toyota Financials, etc.

Innowera is based in Las Colinas near Dallas, Texas, USA and maintains presence via re-seller and distribution channels in France, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, India, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Italy and other parts of the world. For more information, to download a white paper or to schedule a product demo, visit www.innowera.com or call toll free 1-877-SAP-4-ALL.

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