Check For Update

Check For Update

A new version of Process Runner is available.

Brand new version of Process Runner Enterprise is available now. Learn more about this new version here. Frequently Asked Question here. We recommend that you upgrade this version:

Click here to download and upgrade to New Process Runner Enterprise version:

Optionally: You can continue to get updated version of Process Runner 2008. Please note that this software has end of life announced and you must migrate to new Process Runner version. Please see FAQ for important date.

Click here to download and upgrade to Old Process Runner 2008 version:

Please provide your e-mail address and follow the instructions on the download page. Installation will automatically update your Process Runner to a new version. All your existing Process Files and license should work fine as is.

Note: You should perform upgrade only if you are authorized to do so. If you are not an administrator, software installation should only be performed by IT in your company. Do not perform an upgrade at this stage. Contact IT or Innowera support as required for further help.

If your Process Runner license is out of maintenance, DO NOT download or install anything from Innowera’s website, do so may STOP working of Process Runner right away or after certain days. If your account is out of maintenance and want to restore or want to check the status you may contact Innowera cannot help if you downloaded and installed software from when your account is out of maintenance and if it stops working. Downloads are only made for customer under maintenance.

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