Innowera Case Studies

See how Innowera technology has changed enterprises in SAP world. Also read our Customer Feedback page to learn the real story behind the technology and how this may relate to you.

City of Dallas

Read how the City of Dallas overcame a critical work stoppage, cut down on costs, and regained lost revenue by choosing Process Runner. Innowera t... More

Financial Services

A Leading Financial Services Company that is made up of a number of finance companies, that has grown organically, with companies with diverse tec... More

Telefònica – tgestiona

tgestiona, part of the Telefònica Group, is a leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and has strong international presence with offices in ... More


Process Runner helps Axia Value Chain deploy rapid and reliable repeatable data for Samarco to guarantee feasible process execution. ... More


The SAP Unicode conversion is different from an upgrade project or a support pack. The functionality of R/3 does not change at all, it is purely a... More