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Why companies choose Innowera Process Runner?

Innowera Process Runner is the most advanced SAP and Excel integration tool in the World.

Running SAP from Excel could be risky without data governance. But with Innowera Process Runner data governance is already in place, giving you a powerful bridge between your data in Excel and SAP. That’s why Process Runner works fast, eliminating hours of manual work for business and IT users. Process Runner is well-suited for everyday business users – but armed with capabilities that more technical users leverage.

For instance, Process Runner is the only software in the market that supports an easy to use interface to BAPI and RFM along with Transaction.

Typically, users and organizations save 60-90% of time on processes that they deploy Process Runner. But don’t just take it from us.

We had payback on the tool in the 6 months. For example, in one instance, we processed 845 sales orders at one time uploaded with Process Runner, saving 45 hours of manpower. We’ve been able to take on more projects. And users love it!

– Holly Bierer,
Power Equipment Co.

Save Time

Saves time.

Are you stacked with volumes of SAP transactions and data work? Innowera allows business and IT team to leverage Excel to easily automate processes.

Works out of the box.

No need to make any changes to your SAP system. This is the choice for SAP run companies who want a seamless, mass processing tool that leverages and enforces your existing SAP security that you have put in place.

Added Control for the Enterprise

If you are still worrying that SAP security is not enough for a mass processing tool running from Excel, consider putting an additional layer of technical control in place and deploy your SAP and Excel solution the way you see fit with Innowera Control Panel. We are the only company in the world that gives you this much choice.

Ready to Run Templates for your SAP Data Routines.

Over 1600 templates are ready to go in Process Runner. Innowera is the only company offering this breadth of integration for everyday users in your SAP landscape. These templates include an internal Excel sheet (iBook), pre-recorded and mapped to SAP all-in-one XML file known as a process file. All templates are hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud for easy, global, always-on and reliable access. You can run any of them within your SAP system in minutes.

Watch this 90 second video about Innowera Process Runner to learn more.

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