Drive More Business Value with Innowera Intelligent Automation By Combining Process Runner and Innowera Easy Workflow

Each day across the globe we help organizations large and small simplify SAP, deliver time efficiencies, lower total costs and empower business and IT users to get more work done faster with Innowera Process Runner software.

Beyond Innowera Process Runner – The Time Is Right to Consider Automated Workflow

Innowera Easy Workflow, when used in conjunction with Process Runner, provides an integrated workflow management and SAP automation platform. An integrated workflow and SAP data management solution that delivers unrivaled cost saving, productivity, improved team collaboration and clear business operational advantages.

Watch the Video to See How Easy It Is to Unlock the Power of Easy Workflow

Watch this video, to see the top product features along with an example of how easy it is to complete a Create Supplier (XK01) transaction from the FICO module in SAP, as part of a workflow process.

Why Innowera Easy Workflow Should Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Innowera Easy Workflow is a complete workflow system that works entirely within Microsoft Excel. Easy to use, any user can set up a workflow, manage the system or work in it as a user in minutes. The software enables users to quickly set up approvals, perform updates to SAP, automatically send email notifications and reports. The software also comes with great tools to help the organization with compliancy, data governance and auditability goals. The bottom line: the time is right to make automated workflow a key component of your Digital Transformation.

Workflow using Server-Based Excel

Workflow using Server-Based Excel

Approvals from Email

Approvals from Email

Designed for Business Users

Designed for Business Users

With Innowera Easy Workflow

  • Create or run workflows using Excel
  • Send email notifications, maintain data, approve or reject workflow steps inside Excel
  • Business users can build workflows all on their own
  • Workflow definition, monitoring and reporting is also done within Excel
  • Manage your out-of-office notifications
  • Review, approve, or reject new workflow items through email and, while you’re on the go

Business Benefits

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Improved business agility and faster decision making
  • Better and more productive team collaboration
  • Easily identify process flow bottlenecks and boost competitive advantage
  • Reduce human errors with built in error checking

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