Save your business money with Process Runner.

Say goodbye to wasted time! SAP automation has never been easier.

Process Runner allows you to seamlessly create, move, and maintain your SAP data right from Excel. It’s so easy, your business users can be up and running in minutes, freeing up their time to work on what’s most important to your business – which saves you money.

  • Streamline your data management
  • Improve data quality and governance
  • Increase efficiency and keep your data clean



Process Runner is an automation tool that enables data upload and download between Microsoft Excel and SAP – without writing any code or script. Process Runner is loaded with industry-leading features that team members who manage SAP and need to extract, and upload data regularly will benefit from.

Process Runner comes complete with an easy-to-use and advanced interface – targeted towards a non-technical workforce.

  • WHY USE PROCESS RUNNER? Process Runner is easy to use and does not require any programming experience. You can maintain your SAP data right from Excel.
  • WHY PARTNER WITH INNOWERA? Our roots run deep in the SAP world. Since 2000, Innowera continues to provide technical leadership in the SAP automation market.
  • WHO BENEFITS FROM USING PROCESS RUNNER? Users who are responsible for maintaining data quality in SAP, who need to extract data from SAP on a regular basis, or who need to upload data to SAP on a regular basis will benefit from Process Runner.

Learn More

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how our Process Runner software enables your organization to improve master data quality and streamline business processes at scale. Discover how we enable SAP users to save time, money and boost productivity by automating day-to-day tasks using Excel, all without the need for custom programing.

Light-Weight Runtime Engine – Innowera’s Command Prompt Tool

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