Simplify & Automate your Business Processes in SAP Using Excel and Lower Your Risk with Data Governance

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Unify Your Enterprise – SAP and Excel connectivity with governance and automation

You’ll learn in a short whitepaper:

  • How to overcome common SAP data challenges.
  • Ways to save 80+% in SAP data processing hours.
  • How to improve accuracy of data, so you can trust your information.
  • Learn how Excel can be utilized to create a clear-cut audit chain for consistent data governance.

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Excel remains the go-to app for managing data for ERP transactions, processes and more, but it struggles with advanced workflow management, especially for controls and approvals. These shortcomings lead to cell/calculation errors, frequent delays, and fundamental problems with data quality.

You’ll learn how some of the largest companies running their business on SAP have used Innowera applications to transform Excel sheets into much more than calculation files. You’ll learn how they connect SAP and Excel, giving everyday users the ability to do mass updates and downloads in SAP. Discover how they have offered simple workflow automation to their users, which provides them with peace of mind and data governance that provides a reliable, and continuous audit trail.

So simple, anyone can use it!