Will SAP work on windows 10? We have the result…

Windows 10 is going to hit the general market later on this year! Will SAP work with Windows 10 easily?

Innowera Team is excited to announce that Innowera Process Runner is ready for Windows 10 which is going to launch later this year! Here at Innowera, we started our work on Windows 10 technical preview. We are pleased to announce that we have been successful and our customers will be able to work with Innowera Process Runner on Windows 10. Process Runner customers can accelerate their time to financial benefit with a low start-up investment and would realize a faster return on investment (ROI) and lower total cost of ownership.

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You will have a great experience working on SAP with Windows 10 and Innowera Process Runner. We make our application compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and that helps us to offer our customers more benefits which include improved security and reliability features and many more. It will be fun and easy to work on SAP and excel with Innowera Process Runner on Windows 10.

Innowera provides flexible SAP Data Management solutions to meet the needs of organizations of any size, based on the business needs of the business user. Innowera always provides best-in-class SAP data management system with its best technology and expert support service.

Get ready to have an enjoyable environment of working on SAP, with Windows 10 and Innowera Process Runner.

This is not tested on final version of windows 10, but all seems very promising and Innowera will continue to deliver tested and verified products for its customers when Windows 10 hits the general market.