Why almost 70% of all IT projects fail?

Several studies have shown that over 68% of technology projects are more likely to achieve marginal results or complete failures rather than success so what are the main culprits behind these staggering numbers?

  1. Failure to meet the project deadline.
  2. Budget overruns.
  3. Higher-than-expected maintenance costs.
  4. Failure to deliver the expected business value and ROI
  5. Failure to perform against expectations

So what can organizations do to survive in today’s economy? The answer is simple they have to be lean, agile and innovative. No matter what industry you’re in, markets are becoming increasingly competitive and every aspect of the organization needs to be managed efficiently and that includes their data management process.

It’s no secret that manual and outdated methods of data migration and maintenance can compromise the accuracy and integrity of the data but it doesn’t just stop there, companies spend countless man hours and significant amounts of money to manage this process. So why waste any more time and resources fixing errors if you can do it right the first time?

Innowera offers a comprehensive solution covering all of the SAP data management needs for any business. Our automation software tools allow users to upload and download information between SAP and any application or data source without having to write a single line of code. Innowera’s automation technology allows customers to achieve more than 80 percent accuracy in data management and governance while reporting up to 95 percent reduction in cost and time spent managing their day-to-day data operations.

To learn more, download a white paper or to get a free evaluation copy, visit www.innowera.com or call toll free 1-877-SAP-4-ALL.

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