Innowera Is First To Release An Android Galaxy S3 SAP Certified Application

On September 14, 2012 Innowera unveiled a line of new SAP mobility apps to run on its platform – the newest release of Innowera Mobility Server for SAP. With this announcement SAP has certified four all-new mobile applications for the Android Galaxy S3.

With this certification SAP has provided Powered by SAP NetWeaver status to these new SAP mobile applications, making Innowera the first to market with the Android Galaxy S 3 platform. The mobile applications in this release include Asset Management 2.0, Customer Information 2.0, Journal Entry Management 2.0, and Process Runner GS 5.0.

On the eve of SAP TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas Innowera is promoting its new platform to companies who are looking for to bring SAP mobility applications to users quickly. With these new apps Innowera brings a new cloud-hosted technology that allows you to use SAP with the most popular mobile devices without needing additional infrastructure or writing extensive code. “Making mobile SAP super simple – the way it should be” is the Innowera slogan for this mobile SAP product line.

The wider strategies for mobility are still being developed by many SAP customers but those companies are still wanting to try something, pilot it for the users – get applications running quickly – something that they can do quickly and with little effort and investment. This is what Innowera is helping SAP customers do. “Fast to build apps at a low cost is how we do it,” says Ajay Jagtap, Innowera Mobility Solutions Developer.

Innowera’s new applications align with the strategic planning of SAP, with reliance on partners to help extend the mobile application framework to its customers. “That is why SAP as our partner encouraged us to develop these applications because we know the SAP transactions domain area,” says Innowera chief solutions architect, Mickey Shah. Mickey explained that “SAP transactions are at the backbone of our server so companies that run on SAP are familiar with these applications and they are a natural extension of an overall mobile strategy. For many these an ideal first set of first applications to rollout to select mobile users.”

Innowera has been early to the SAP mobility market due to its R&D commitment to improve the customer experience and its leadership in SAP data integration. “We[Innowera] are trying to give our customer choices on how to manage mobile apps as well, so by choosing Innowera for mobile applications you have the option of hosting those applications on the cloud with our Microsoft Azure app services. If you’re not ready for the cloud, it’s not a problem as you can host our applications in your own infrastructure.”

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About Innowera

Founded in 2007, Innowera LLC is a leading global software provider that empowers SAP users with agile data management and productivity tools headquartered in Irving, TX. Innowera is best known for their leading Process Runner and Process Runner LITE which are data automation software tools that allow you to upload and download information between SAP and Excel – without writing a single line of code and are used by thousands around the world today.