Highlights of Magnitude Software’s Productivity Summit

Highlights of Magnitude Software’s Productivity Summit

Attendees of the Magnitude Software Productivity Summit in Holland were able to learn a ton, in a jam-packed day of customer-led sessions, how-to and topical presentations, networking and entertainment.

Innowera and its team were there joined by a number of our valued customers, as well as had the opportunity to meet customers from other Magnitude Software companies on Nov 7 in Holland.

Anjali Koul, Innowera’s director of product management remarked that the conference “was a great opportunity to hear how customers are doing amazing things with Innowera software every single day. It’s inspiring to hear what our customers can do.”

One of Innowera’s customers, Ingenico, presented to the conference and highlighted their success in uploading several million records in SAP every year using Innowera Process Runner.

Amit Surve, Innowera global partner manager was at the conference and noted it was “valuable for our customers to learn more about what we’re doing to make Process Runner and our suite of products continue to bring them value. Also, it’s great to meet other Magnitude Software customers, as well, and get to know them one-to-one. Learning from our customers has allowed us to grow.”

Magnitude’s Henk-Jan Prast gave a full presentation to a breakout session demonstrating the deep SAP integration for SAP and the power of Process Runner as robotic process automation solution

Stephan Lachner, VP Operations for Magnitude Software’s Productivity Team, gave Innowera customers a glimpse of the future, with a walkthrough of the product road map for our products.

We are truly grateful to all the attendees including ABB, Heineken, Ingenico and the other Innowera customers who spent a day with us. We hope more will join us for other events in the future.

Also, thanks to the team at Every Angle, makers of Process Mining, who hosted the event and also delivered some amazing content to everyone.

Magnitude Software Productivity Summit was an enormous success, and we hope more will join us for other events in the future!