SAP Sales Order Automation – Any user can do it!

Do you want less Manual Work,
more Time for strategic projects?

Of course, you do… no one would ever say they need more manual entry tasks or have too much time.

The most important question is — how do you get more time for meaningful, strategic projects?

Let’s look at story of how one of our customers reduced manual work and freed up time and resources:

Do more with less effort – The Data Management Dilemma

Power Equipment Company is an American success story. In 1948 two young entrepreneurs including its first employee, Dave Olson, who still runs the business today, recognized the superior technology of McCulloch chain saws when they were introduced. They saw the potential and obtained distribution rights to take the superior line of products to market.

In 2012 Power Equipment Company decided to purchase SAP’s ERP to run their business which employs over 25 employees today. Like others who implement SAP’s ERP there was a large change in processes to manage the business. As business grew and sales order volumes continued to increase their team was stretched to keep up with the volume of transactions and the data routines involved in sales, operations, finance, inventory and many other parts of the operation. Power Equipment had to hire outside consulting and development help to keep up with the workload and help manage complex data operations.

Holly Bierer, an entrepreneurial IT executive with Power Equipment, kept asking herself, is there a way for a smaller team to do more with less people and time involved? That was her dilemma. She needed a way to load data quickly, with quality and in mass.

Growing company faces challenges with data management in SAP

One of the keys to gaining traction in their business was automating a growing number of sales orders.
In a typical month they were processing over 3500 sales orders, and over 2600 purchase orders.

In addition to their regular ongoing data needs, there were number of ongoing data cleansing projects. It was challenging to find experienced SAP resources in their local area, so she needed a tool that you didn’t need to be an SAP expert to run. She needed a tool that was integrated with SAP. Holly saw that if she could reduce the time on the repetitive tasks, she would free them up for more important, strategic needs for Power Equipment.

Ways you can improve your KPIs for Performance with Process Runner for SAP Data Management Automation

As she investigated the market to find a solution, she outlined what she would need. Her primary business drivers for change were:

  • Increase accuracy of the data and overall process
  • Decrease the effective hours to manage data
  • Reduce the Time to Market by lowering manual data input
  • Address E-commerce needs that were anticipated
  • Make the process simpler for product information system updates
  • Enable her internal teams to do their own work without the need for outside vendors.
  • Obtain a tool that was adjustable to her changing business needs

ROI in 6 months

After identifying Innowera Process Runner as the tool she needed to get the job done, it was not long before the tool paid for itself.

Six months in the hands of her team, and Process Runner had paid for itself.

At one time, Power Equipment uploaded 900 sales orders at one time. It took 10 minutes to create the script and 45 to 50 minutes to run Process Runner. This job alone saved the company 45 hours of manpower to enter in the sales orders.

To learn more about the full case study of how Process Runner allowed her to automate many areas of their business go here to download.

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