3 Myths of Automating SAP Debunked

3 Myths of Automating SAP Debunked

Myth 1: SAP automation is an IT Thing

How many people at your company running SAP ERP have said “IT owns SAP” It’s a common assumption and sometimes largely true. It’s a big system with a need for strong control and management.

But today we’re setting the record straight. SAP users have an alternative to the SAP UI. Organizations have a choice they can hire more IT workers and consultants or consider an automated solution.

Innowera Process Runner, is our flagship product that offers a suite of SAP automation tools that enable businesses to manage data themselves.

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Myth 2: It is a System Thing

“I can’t change the system; I just work in it.” For some its sounds like an excuse but for others it’s a foregone reality. This myth has a long history in the ERP world. As a business user you’ll hear, “I can’t really alter the system to work better, I just need to work better in the system, or work harder at it.”

This is an understandable position and reasonable expectation for systems and processes that have evolved over time and have always had a challenging traditional change control.

Innowera built a tool that bridges SAP with Excel… No SAP backend need to be installed. All the SAP security is inherited, and you download and use the tool in minutes.

And yet one more myth debunked…

Myth 3: We have Always Done it That Way

Many large ERP platforms including SAP have well-defined processes that have been developed over years. It’s common and understandable to assume that a new tool will be resisted by system managers.

And that is why Innowera has developed a software tool built by business users for business users. In fact, thousands of users at thousands of companies have embraced this agile tool set from Innowera and set new standards of excellence.

Innowera is not the only one, but we’d like to think that we have demystified many myths through our years of product development and innovation and listening to both business and IT users to craft the best set of automation tools on the market – bar none.

For more information on how your organization can leverage our family of products and debunk a few myths of your own read more.

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