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3 Myths of Automating SAP Debunked

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to SAP data and how it’s managed. There are more ways to get work done than ever before. We’ll help put these myths to rest once and for all… More

Make 2020 the Year of Success Managing SAP data

We have 5 strategies and tips to help you make sure that you’ll save significant time managing and will improve your processes too. Get the year started right! … More

Highlights of Magnitude Software’s Productivity Summit

Attendees of the Magnitude Software Productivity Summit in Holland were able to learn a ton, in a jam-packed day of customer-led sessions, how-to and topical… More

Infographic – 4 Types of SAP Business Process Automation You Can Use

Looking for ways to automate SAP? This infographic highlights the 4 Types of SAP Business Process Automation Innowera offer. Check out and download this infographic… More

Transforming how you do business and do more with less effort

Before you give up on business process improvements due to seeming large efforts, read this blog. We show you how one of our customers made significant SAP data management process improvements, and was simple.

Automation can be an incredibly rewarding process – with real results in months. More

5 Best Tips Using Excel from Jack Dumoulin – Excel World Champion

Working in Excel is something many of us do each day. Learn 5 ways to make your daily work more productive and impactful with these 5 tips from a Excel World Champion Jack Dumoulin. More

2018 Year in Review

The 2018 holiday season is upon us and it’s been an exciting year of global innovation, rapid growth and momentum for Magnitude. On the Innowera front… More

Innowera Achieves Major Certification Milestone in SAP S/4HANA Journey

As the SAP S4/HANA® journey continues, we’re happy to announce Innowera’s GUI Scripting module of Innowera Process Runner automation software is now SAP S/4HANA-certified as integrated with SAP S/4HANA®…. More

What SAP users should consider before investing in RPA

As artificial intelligence and robotic process automation enter our lives companies that run their business on SAP are seeking strategies that will take them in the right direction. We’re sharing some key considerations that will help you down that path towards a successful RPA strategy for the future…. More

Magnitude Software Welcomes Innowera

Magnitude, making its sixth acquisition has acquired Innowera, a global software provider that enables users to more efficiently manage SAP processes and workflows for productivity and data management…. More

The Era of Data Ready Begins

With the new era of Big Data, if your data is aged or incomplete, it’s no big deal. In the SAP world, this problem is even more pronounced when enormous amounts of data are running critical business processes or feeding the customer, you need to be Data Ready…. More

5 Ways to make SAP Super Easy

Here are 5 quick tips that help you make sap even easier!.. More

SAP and Salesforce Integration

Fully integrated CRM/ERP is a dream for many and now is a reality. Make customer relationships and experiences truly excellent by linking all customer related data (CRM) together with enterprise data (ERP)…. More

Process Runner DB supports SAP HANA

Upload and download data between connected tables of some of the most popular database systems today and your SAP system…. More

Will SAP work on windows 10? We have the result…

Windows 10 is going to hit the general market later this year! Will SAP work with Windows 10 easily? We’re excited to announce that Innowera is ready…. More

How Innowera is creating raving fans!

Innowera takes pride in our first-class customer support. Read more on our results of recent satisfaction survey…. More

Why almost 70% of all IT projects fail?

Do you have what it takes to survive in today’s economy? Read more on why almost 70% of IT projects fail…. More

InnoweraApp now available on the Apple App store!

Innowera is proud to present our new InnoweraApp! Create sales orders, look up customer information, approve a workflow event, post a confirmation… More

Innowera Is First To Release An Android Galaxy S3 SAP Certified Application

Innowera is first to release an Android Galaxy S3 SAP Certified Application- the newest release of Innowera Mobility Server for SAP….. More