5 Ways to make SAP Super Easy

5 Ways to make SAP Super Easy

5 Ways to Simplify SAP Do you think ERP systems are too complicated? Here are some innovative answers backed by technology that is available today. We are in the 21st century so thinking outside the box and ingenuity is essential in this day and age. The stage has changed and here is the full story:

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used business software tool in the world #1, Microsoft Excel is the most widely used business software tool in the world

Why fight against it? It is understood that running SAP from Excel could be risky unless you place effective control and governance around it (read on to learn how). Once you have the governance in place, build an effective bridge between Excel and SAP and see the how productivity increases. Enable those who love Excel, and connect them to SAP, right from Excel while controlling them with all existing SAP security that you have put in place. If you are still worried that SAP security is not enough for a mass processing tool running from Excel, consider putting an additional layer of technical (read "hard stop") control in place and deploy your SAP and Excel solution responsibly. See this fast paced, 90 second video to learn more.

SAP Excel

Control Panel

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Run SAP Directly from Your Email #2, Run SAP Directly from Your Email

Use SAP from email!

You can start managing your SAP processes instantly from anywhere using your Email!

While on the road or in the office, email is essential to everyday business (yes, "The Best Businesses Run SAP" but email runs the good, the bad and the ugly - all kinds!). Why not use Email to talk to SAP?

It might sound like an over stretched idea but you can do hundreds of tasks by simply sending an email to Innowera Email Runner and it will carry the command to your SAP system on your behalf. How about requesting material stock or availability via email? Or customer/vendor balances? Or request the last few sales orders from the customer that you are about to visit. How about approving purchase requisitions or orders, leave requests, or doing many other such tasks by simply replying to an email?

You can do all of these (and hundreds of others commands) by simply sending an email to Innowera Email Runner. Innowera Email Runner is an innovative new technology that enables you to run SAP from your email. Send an email to Innowera Email Runner and your wish is carried out as a command in SAP. In a few seconds you will receive an answer back with what you requested. Innowera Email Runner uses powerful Process Runner technology, so you can execute standard as well as custom transactions, tasks and APIs, in an SAP landscape, without installing, changing, or performing any programming in SAP.

Innowera Email Runner

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Don't tie yourself to a desk #3, Don't tie yourself to a desk

Mobility will happen sooner than you think!

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In the mobile world, you can check emails from an airplane over the Pacific Ocean.

Why not work with your enterprise system as well? The problem is, you would face challenges when trying to mobilize SAP: Can you justify a 6-month lead time and hundreds of thousands of price tags to do a simple Approval or Stock Query? Yes, it’s possible to deploy usable technology in weeks and on a shoe string budget and yes it can meet all the security challenges like any other system you know today.

Mobility will happen sooner than you think. Once you use it, it will give you a familiar feeling. Why I did not think of this earlier? When it comes to mobile, think differently and look at all the options - not just the most expensive one. The mobility power-struggle is not just between Apple and Samsung; it is on an application level as well. Use it to your advantage and dare to select this new but sensible technology. Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to SAP mobility at this point.

Innowera Mobile

Use the web! #4, Use the web!

Don't forget the simpler ways. We all use the Web every single day.

For those who do not like complex interfaces, enable them with the Web power.

Use SAP from a browser of your choice. This can be particularly useful where you have users doing only few transactions in SAP and significant training may not be justified. Check out Innowera Web Runner where you can build HTML 5 enabled SAP processes without any programming and coding, yet allow them to use a browser and restrict them with SAP security that is already in effect. Simplify multiple screens to one and let them use the power of Web and SAP from one place.

Take this one step further: If you have already built a web interface or database front end. There is a way to connect your MS-SQL (or other popular databases) and execute SAP Transactions and BAPIs (download from SAP to your database) with tool like Process Runner DB without much of hassle. If you have ever wondered why there is no easy way to connect your database application to SAP without needing a big project effort you’re not alone. Good news is that we have an answer to your simple request and we have a free evaluation license for you to begin testing.

Innowera Web Runner

Process Runner-DB

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Connect SharePoint to SAP #5, Connect SharePoint to SAP

Already using SharePoint for business process automation?

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Why not connect SharePoint to SAP and take it one step further?

Keep things flowing smoothly in SAP without leaving the SharePoint environment. Whether you need a workflow, forms or mass record processing to work with your SAP system - Innowera addresses all of these with SharePoint integration Technology. If you already have a SharePoint solution working, there is no need to re-write or port anything. Just put the correct plumbing between your existing SharePoint solution and SAP. Stay away from re-building while you can re-use. Innowera provides just the right technology to connect the two systems in a quick and easy way.

SharePoint Technology

It is all about enabling your SAP users beyond the traditional ways. Use Excel, Mobile, Web, SharePoint and anything that you are already familiar with. Get the technology that enables SAP users at all the level without compromising security and which works within set governance, procedures and protocols. Innowera can do the wonders to SAP - similar to what DVR did to your TVs. Use SAP the way you want and how you want it.

Tell me more!

I am a SAP Process/Data Owner and feel the pain everyday

As an SAP Process/Data owner you are responsible for managing and maintaining your data on a day-to-day basis, however when circumstances arise and you are forced to manage data on a mass scale, where do you turn?

I am a Team Lead/Manager and need to enable my team

As a department manager for a company running SAP you are tasked with keeping up to the day-to-day demands of data management for SAP. Your business users are required to leave the comfort of their familiar legacy.

I belong to IT/Center of Excellence and I need to bring...

Implementation of SAP, for most customers, is a major IT event. The breadth and impact of SAP is company-wide, but there are always other systems and databases (some formal and some "off the books").

I am a System Integrator and need to improve our...

As an SAP SI you need to look for savings where they can be found in an ultra-competitive environment. SAP projects of time- and material-based billing are rapidly giving way to fixed cost projects.

I am part of SAP implementation project and want to see how...

An SAP project is a daunting task for a company, often involving significant re-engineering in addition to learning a new (and usually totally different) business system.

I am part of BPO and need to improve efficiency

You are responsible for running a BPO where SAP is central or important system. Your team is responsible for managing various activities in SAP on behalf of your (internal or external) customer.

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