Innowera LLC - "100 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2015"

Innowera LLC Named by CIOReview Magazine - "100 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2015"

The SAP Solutions edition of CIOReview is an annual special edition which solely focuses on featuring cutting edge technologies that revolve around all things SAP, including SAP implementers, SAP integrators, and SAP connectors to edify key IT decision makers of large industries. The process of selection included a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including the CIO Review editorial board. This panel analyzed and considered not only the company's annual revenue, employee size and product offerings but also the company's ability to innovate on their solutions and accommodate mobility platforms such as Smartphones and Tablets, all the while maintaining connection to SAP.

The April 2015 Edition of the CIOReview has highlighted Innowera LLC as one of "100 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2015."

Innowera offers a wide range of SAP Automation and Enterprise Solutions; from mass data processing to data governance, reporting, and collaboration even business application integrations all designed to empower customers with the necessary tools to tackle SAP automation challenges. Using Innowera, customers have achieved an on average 98 percent accuracy rate in data management and governance while reporting up to an average of 95 percent in time savings. The return on investment (ROI) using Innowera's flagship product, Process Runner, has provided SAP users astronomical cost savings as a result of automating day-to-day data-entry processes and programming.

The team at Innowera is honored to be recognized by CIOReview and its esteemed panel of experts. We pride ourselves as inventors and visionaries in the SAP Data Management space and as Innowera continues to give its best, providing customers globally with its second-to-none SAP automation products, top tier proven technology, best practices and expert support services, we can say honestly and with the utmost confidence that the best has truly yet to come.

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