SAP Manufacturing

Work in SAP Manufacturing directly from Excel

Process Runner offers one of the best solutions for your SAP Manufacturing automation needs.

Process Runner offers broad coverage for SAP Manufacturing master and transactional data creation, maintenance, analysis and monitoring. Process Runner enables automation for SAP Transaction, BAPI, GUI Scripting and Data Extraction tasks from one seamless application. Cloud templates of Manufacturing.

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Listed below are some of the many features that Process Runner offers. For list of all the features, click on "More..." below. Download SAP Manufacturing Datasheet.

Broad Coverage - Use Transaction or BAPIs

Execute SAP Manufacturing module transactions and processes directly from Excel to SAP.

Process Runner allows you to use hundreds of SAP transaction codes such as MM01/MM02, CS01/CS02, CA01/CA02, CS71/CS72, CO01/CO02 etc., and many others. Directly create/update Material, Bill of Material, Routing, Work Centers, Recipes, Planned and Production Orders, and many others. You may also choose to use Business APIs that SAP already delivered in your system.

Handle a wide variety of scenarios and situations, with the option to use transactions or BAPIs or both. Only Process Runner offers this option.

Process Runner Supports Customization and User Exits

Process Runner will automatically detect and use your customization, implemented via user exits or directly to the screen. If you added custom fields or enhanced validation logic via user exits, Process Runner will automatically handle that.

Ready to Run Templates Are Available to Get You Started Right Away

Process Runner has ready to use templates that will get you started in no time. We have hundreds of templates, and we are frequently adding more to our Cloud samples. Templates allow you to start using popular SAP MM TCodes (Transaction Codes) such as MM01/MM02, CS01/CS02, CO01, etc., immediately. You will also have access to ready to use templates for some of the popular Manufacturing Business APIs. These templates come with sample data stored in Excel format, with all required recording and mapping already done.

Download a free trial now and immediately feel the power of simplification.

Process Runner supports All Type of Manufacturing Transactions

  • Create, change and manage production schedules (CO01, KKF2).
  • Create and manage SAP material master requirement (MM01, MM02).
  • Create customer independent requirements (MD81).
  • Approve or disapprove customer independent requirements on the go (MD82).

and thousands of other standard and custom transactions, BAPIs, and tables.

Manufacturing Master Data Record Management

With increasing competition, and the pressure to maintain growth, Process Runner is a perfect tool for updating your manufacturing master data processing with automation. Using Process Runner frees up vital resources to be used more productively.

Download Manufacturing data

You can extract Manufacturing tables and views using Process Runner Data Extractor technology. You can even download Long Text and entire business objects using BAPI and other technologies offered in Process Runner. With Innowera's extension, you can also extract data from Production Planning (i.e. MD81, MD82, MM01, MM02, CK41, CK42, CK44, CO01).

Only Innowera's Process Runner technology offers complete upload and download capability to solve all your SAP Manufacturing data management needs.

SOX Compliant

Process Runner implementation will be as SOX compliant as your SAP implementation is. Your auditor (apart from BASIS) will be very pleased as there is no custom ABAP program involved.

With Process Runner, you are using standard SOX compliant sets and features delivered by SAP and implemented by you.

Zero ABAP - Works out of the box

Here is the best part. Process Runner works out of the box. Nothing needs to be installed on your SAP side. No more waiting for IT to implement ABAP or create a custom program. You simply install Process Runner on your desktop and start working. Process Runner uses your SAP credentials and is compliant to your existing SAP security.

Get up and running right away, no more waiting.

See List of Important Process Runner Features

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