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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions are answered below. Click on them to see the answers.

    About Process Runner+

  • What is Process Runner?


    Process Runner is an automation tool that enables data upload and download between Microsoft Excel and SAP - without writing any code or script.

  • Why use Process Runner?


    Process Runner can eliminate manual data entry or reduce burden on customized ABAP coding to upload or download data to and from SAP.

  • Who will benefit most from the Process Runner?


    Any SAP user who is responsible for maintaining data quality in SAP will benefit. Another type of users are those who need to extract data from SAP on regular basis.

    Typically users are:

    • Data and Process owners in all the SAP modules
    • SAP data conversion team members
    • SAP deployment team members
    • Process Team members
    • SAP security team members
    • SAP/IT support members

    In contrast, if you are not using SAP or if you are only a casual user then Process Runner will not be very useful.

  • How often do I need to upgrade Innowera Process Runner?


    Ideally, we suggest that you upgrade your Process Runner once a year. You might require upgrading before that in any of the following scenarios.

    • New SAP GUI releases
    • Excel releases
    • Major backend releases from SAP (i.e. Ehp5, Ehp6)
    • OS releases (Win7 & Win8)
    • New Feature release by Innowera that you may be interested in.
    • Defect that was addressed and applicable to you, or

    You may also upgrade as when requested or directed by Innowera support team.

  • Does Process Runner work in HR, PP, MM, FI modules? How about other modules?


    Yes, Process Runners works in HR, PP, MM, FI, FI-CO, CO-PA and all other modules.

  • Can Process Runner use Z or Custom transactions? How about custom BAPIs?


    Yes, Process Runners can use Z or Custom transactions or custom BAPIs. Process Runner will work the same way as if they were standard transactions or BAPIs.

  • What is an EShare?


    EShare stands for Enterprise Sharing. EShare allows one or more Process Runner users to share, manage and control the Process Runner files. EShare offers many advanced features that traditional network based file share cannot.

    EShare is developed by Innowera to boost team productivity by allowing easy sharing and collaborating across your enterprise. EShare is completely optional feature and can be added at any later date.

  • What is BAPI?


    BAPI is SAP terms and stands for Business Application Programming Interface. BAPI is heart of SAP's Business Framework. It is essentially an API for SAP world which allows other applications (like Process Runner) to talk to business objects and processes stored inside SAP. Here's link to BAPI Users Guide page on SAP's website.

    Process Runner and competing solutions+

  • What are alternatives to Process Runner?


    Alternatives would include manual entry, using ABAP programming, SECATT / CATT / LSMW or another tool like Process Runner.

  • Why not use some of the alternatives to Process Runner?


    Alternative solutions are usually very expensive and does not react as fast as your situation may demand.

    For example, if you use manual entry method, it could be expensive, would be extremely slow and will be subject to human errors. Error trapping and correction is also not easy.

    ABAP, SECAT, CATT, LSMW - all have some common issues:

    • ABAP, SECAT, CATT or LSMW are all too technical for most people.
    • Experts who knows these technologies are usually very expensive, centralized and hard to access or otherwise difficult to reach across organizational boundary.
    • Even if you manage to get technical resource on your side, you are still dependent on data or process owner, that technical resource, BASIS and change management personnel to work in perfect synchronization before you can really implement the change in productive environment. In short, you are constrained by the release process with these technologies.
    • Your SAP landscape may be littered with one time use and throw away conversion programs unless you spend additional resources to keep it clean.
    • Overall (user) action + (SAP) execution time is longer to significantly longer as compared to Process Runner.
    • These technologies are constantly and significantly changing as SAP release changes.
    • When something does not work: SAP does not provide direct support. If you have questions or issues, you will be routed to normal OSS support process or will be directed to consulting group. In contrast, we at Innowera will quickly help you to come to the right resolution.

    Click here to know more about Process Runner advantages over LSMW.

  • How does Process Runner compare to other third party software in this segment?


    We think we are the best. But you have to be the judge. Here's why we think we are the best.

    • Process Runner can automate not only SAP Transactions but also BAPI and can use GUI Scripting - only Process Runner allows you to do so.
    • Process Runner has more features (Parallel Processing, EShare, iBook, etc) to make you even more productive.
    • Process Runner is simple to use, completely script less and comes in a very modern interface - targeted towards non technical workforce.

    We encourage you to bookmark Innowera.com. Find and evaluate other tools so you can see the difference for yourself. We are very certain that you will come back here.

    Click here to see the Innowera Process Runner Vs Competition.

    Technical Questions+

  • Which SAP release does Process Runner work on?


    Process Runner works on all the recent SAP releases. See side bar on this page for up to date system requirements and supported systems.

  • Do I have to install anything in my SAP system to make Process Runner work?


    No, you do not have to install anything in SAP to make Process Runner work. Once you install Process Runner on your desktop, it will work if you have required SAP authorization.

  • Does Process Runner use SAP security?


    Yes, Process Runner uses SAP security all the time. Process Runner cannot overrule SAP security. If you are not authorized to execute something in SAP, you will not be able to execute that function with Process Runner either. If you are not authorized to access a transaction, table, remote function module or any other objects and attempt to access that using Process Runner, it will show you the missing authorization error and stop. A detailed SAP security guide is available up on request. Please write to your Innowera point of contact (or to info@innowera.com with your full contact details) to request the Innowera security guide for SAP authorization.

  • How does Process Runner use SAP security?


    When you use Process Runner with SAP, it will ask you to login to SAP. You will have to enter userID and password (if you are using SNC or SSO, it will automatically log you in the same way SAP GUI does). Process Runner uses that information with SAP to first authenticate the user. All subsequent communication with SAP is based on that UserID’s authorization as set in that SAP system. There is no backdoor or exception to this method as that is the only way SAP allows any other remote application to communicate and this is the only way Process Runner communicates with SAP. This makes Process Runner in full compliance of SAP security and authorization objects you have implemented for that user.

    If you want to further restrict and enhanced SAP security centrally for all Process Runner users, please visit Innowera Control Panel page for more information.

  • Can Process Runner Transaction (TX) technology do direct table updates?


    No. Process Runner Transaction cannot do direct table updates.

  • How does Process Runner communicate with SAP?


    Process Runner makes Remote Function Calls (RFC) and GUI Scripting calls to SAP. Click here to see graphical view of all Innowera technology and how they communicate.

  • Does Process Runner support French, German and other European languages?


    Process Runner supports European languages for upload and download operations to and from SAP. Process Runner user interface is available in English(US), German, French and Spanish.

  • Does Process Runner support Japanese, Chinese and other far eastern languages?


    Process Runner is Unicode aware application. If your SAP server is also Unicode, it will support these languages. However, Process Runner user interface is available in English(US), German(Germany), French (France) and Spanish at this time.

  • Can Process Runner be hosted via Citrix?


    Yes, the Process Runner can be hosted via Citrix, however you will need to have a specific license. Please contact sales@innowera.com for more information regarding licensing for Citrix hosting.


  • How much does Process Runner cost?


    Please contact us at sales@innowera.com for pricing details. While contacting, please provide your full contact information so we can quickly respond back to you. We provide 30 days money back guarantee and usually meet or beat any competitive price.

  • What is normal Return On Investment (ROI)?


    It depends on your use case. Typically an investment made in Process Runner licensing is recouped in couple of weeks to less than a year. In some cases it could be as quick as few hours to couple of days. Please contact us and we can help you determine your ROI.

    About Innowera+

  • How old is the company?


    Innowera was founded in 2007 and started offering product in 2008.

  • Where is Innowera located?


    Innowera is located in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas, USA. Address and contact information can be found on our contacts page.

  • Why Innowera?


    Innowera is one of the first companies to deliver easy to use Transaction, BAPI and GUI scripting based product targeted to non technical workforce. Innowera founders were also first to deliver SAP transaction automation software back in 2000. We have a proven technical leadership in SAP automation market. Call us and find out how deep our roots are in SAP world. Thanks for stopping by at Innowera.

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