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How... SAP Data management - simplified!

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Simplify upload and download of SAP data

Innowera Process Runner is an automation software tool that allows you to upload and download information between SAP and Excel - without writing a single line of code. Process Runner is designed to make SAP Data Management easier using your everyday tool Microsoft Excel.

Process Runner offers deeper automation capabilities for all SAP modules including FI/CO, SD, HR/HCM, MM, PP, SM, QM, PS etc. Process Runner also works with the most new dimension systems such as ECC, CRM, SCM, APO, SAP business suite on HANA, etc.

Well suited for non-technical workforce - enabling the enterprise

Process Runner is very easy to use. Best of all no one has to write any programs or manage any scripts. Everything is simple point and click or drag and drop. If you know basic Excel operation and know what you need to do in SAP, you are ready to start. No special training is required.

You can create Excel ready templates so users can directly work into SAP from Excel without needing to start any other software.

Broader coverage for business processes automation

Process Runner offers automation for wide variety of business processes across all the modules. Process Runner allows you to automate using almost any SAP modules:

  • Transaction (TX) for most popular business processes
  • GUI Scripting for Enjoy and new dimension transactions using GUI Scripting technology
  • BAPI (Business API) for deeper and efficient automation
  • Data Extractor to download data from tables and table joins/views
  • Over 1000 Long Text objects

Use all of these technologies without writing any program and from one integrated and simple to use software. Process Runner is the only tool on the market that supports all of these automation technology in one software eliminating the need to license and manage multiple software while bringing the benefit of technology integration. Click on the side bar link "How Process Runner compares" for more information.

Hundreds of Ready to Run Templates on the Cloud

Innowera offers hundreds of ready to run templates. Templates are ready with recording, mapping and Excel data on Innowera's Rapid Data Management (RDM) cloud. Templates are available for purchase orders, sales order, networks, materials, vendors, customers, and hundreds of other popular processes. RDM Templates eliminate need to record and map, further reducing time which makes Process Runner super easy to use.

Templates can be directly accessed from Process Runner and can be used within minutes. Click here to learn more about Innowera RDM Templates on cloud.

Lots of features to make your life easier

Process Runner is loaded with best in class features that will make your workday productive in every way you use SAP.

These features include one click auto parallel processing, a built-in task scheduler, ability to handle long texts, work with Enjoy and New Dimension transactions, and ability to post large accounting documents exceeding 999 lines. All these will reduce the time and effort you spend while delivering better productivity.

Data Conversion, On-demand and last minute data loads

Process Runner is an ideal tool for SAP data conversion, cleansing, monitoring, downloading and uploading activities. It is also a perfect tool for loading test data during process simulations or training preparation. Custom ABAP programs for a one time data conversion will be a thing of the past.

By eliminating the dependency on ABAP and BASIS, Process Runner will become an invaluable tool for supporting last minute data fixes during critical data conversion rehearsals and cutovers and will lower your schedule risk during Go Lives.

Capability for Large Enterprises

Innowera Enterprise Applications are designed to work with Process Runner for larger deployments where automation software must have centralized governance of mass processing to prevent accidental damage to your SAP system.

Innowera Control Panel, Innowera EShare and Innowera Dashboard work with Process Runner to take SAP mass processing and automation to the next level for your agile enterprise. Innowera Enterprise Applications are modularized and can be added only when required. If you are looking for an enterprise grade solution and want to increase the benefit of SAP user empowerment, the winning combination of Process Runner and Innowera Enterprise Applications is the way to go.

Use with Excel, Databases, Web Browsers, iPad, Smart Phones and more.

Process Runner builds an XML file (process file) that stores and executes desired actions in SAP. These process files are used natively by Process Runner to connect SAP and Excel. However, you can use these process files and perform SAP actions many other ways:

  • Directly run from Excel with Process Runner Excel Add-In. No need to install full version of Process Runner. Just open the Excel file and run directly into SAP from Excel.
  • Use Process Runner DB to build and execute the process in SAP with popular databases such as MS-SQL, Oracle and MS-Access etc.
  • Use Innowera Web Runner to execute the same process from Web Browser.
  • Use it with Innowera Mobile Server to run SAP on iPad, IPhone, Android and other smart phones.
  • Use it from command prompt using Process Runner CMD tool.
  • Use Innowera SDK to integrate the process with your application or other program, web or device.

Innowera's unique technology offers you to use SAP in many different ways - the way you want it. SAP GUI is not the only way to access SAP. With Innowera, you will be able to start with Excel and upgrade to Smart Phones and iPad when your organization is ready for mobility.

Ready to run right out of the box

Process Runner does not require any modifications to your SAP landscape. This software works outside of SAP, maintains and honors all SAP security, and it is monitored and tracked by the usual audit trail in SAP plus additional logs locally.

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See list of important Process Runner Features

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