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Next generation SAP Data Management solution for the Agile Enterprise

Simplify SAP Data

Innowera Process Runner dramatically reduces on-going costs and enables SAP users by automating day-to-day data maintenance and migration for your SAP systems without needing to write any programs. Use various data sources such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Access, SharePoint, etc. to perform drag and drop operation between these sources and your SAP system. Click here to see 5 ways to make SAP easy to use.

SAP Data management without programing

Efficiency: Innowera with built-in best practices provides an automated SAP data management functionality, ensures a consistent and highly repeatable solution driving out manual error-prone processes, facilitating widespread efficiency and self-sufficiency.

Coverage: Broad coverage and expertise combined with powerful technology to drive efficient data management across various business areas, modules and your entire SAP landscape. Innowera provides technology to automate thousands of business processes that may involve SAP Transactions including GUI scripted enjoy and new dimension transactions, , Business APIs, data extraction, long text etc. at deeper level. Innowera provides out of the box coverage that natively uses Excel, MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase, My-SQL, SharePoint and various other data sources with SAP.

Ease-of-use: Innowera supports faster rollout and greater traction in SAP data migration, creation, maintenance, transition and ownership. Its robust, intuitive interface enables users to manage SAP data quickly and accurately without scripting or programming. Try our evaluation copy to see how drag and drop interface easily connects SAP with Excel and various other popular data sources without any programming.

Enterprise Grade: Innowera offers scalable and integrated solution for deeper SAP data management, team collaboration, governance and reporting. Innowera Enterprise Applications are designed to uplift your enterprise with an agility that is measurable and governance and control that is essential for an agile SAP data management strategy.

SAP Data Management, SAP Automation, SAP Data Excel | Innowera Process Runner

Innowera prides itself as an inventor and visionary in the SAP Data Management space. Our customers consider us as their partners - not just another software vendor. We pride in this reward and work hard to earn and retain that status. At heart of our partnership with the customer is our technology that enables SAP for all the users - from Excel to database to web to mobile. We surpass anything out there in the market today for empowerment of the business users so that they can manage their SAP data easily and efficiently. Innowera makes SAP easier for users on all levels of business by simplifying complex problems and driving efficiencies via automation. Innowera's Process Runner dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of SAP systems by enabling business and IT users.

Innowera Control Panel, Dashboard, and Enterprise Share applications provide a complete set of functionality for SAP data management with enterprise-grade governance, reporting, sharing, and collaboration for an agile enterprise.

Innowera is based in Las Colinas near Dallas, Texas, USA and maintains presence via re-seller and distribution channels in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

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If you are Innowera customer
or want to evaluate full featured
version of Process Runner.
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